Rochester Workshops

We offer one workshop per month that will take place during the last Saturday of each month. Ages 3-6 will always be from 3-5 pm and ages 7-12 will always be from 5-8 pm. The cost of the 3 pm workshop is $25 per student and the cost of the 5 pm workshop is $35 per student. You do not have to be a previous YLOG student to take a workshop! All are welcome!

Each workshop highlights a topic of discussion, a stretch and strength segment and choreography focusing on a style of dance. Please contact us if you would like to secure your spot! Payment is due when you arrive, before the workshop begins. We will provide details for each workshop as they draw closer.

Workshop location is at the Arthur Murray Ballroom Dance Studio, 3400 Monroe Avenue, Williamsville, NY (two plazas down from our old studio).


The Young Ladies of Grace
Georgetown Square
5225 Sheridan Drive,
Williamsville NY