Monthly Topics

September / Inner Beauty

  • Realizing our own unique beauty
  • Finding happiness in who you are
  • Loving the unique person you are
  • Letting your inner beauty shine

October / Outer Beauty

  • World beauty vs. True beauty
  • What does the world tell you is beautiful
  • What do you see as beautiful in yourself
  • What do you see as beautiful in others

November / Confidence and Self Esteem

  • Defining your strengths
  • Being proud of who you are
  • Speaking up for ourselves
  • Overcoming shyness

December / Poise, Posture and Presence

  • Developing good posture
  • Moving with grace and poise
  • Carrying yourself with confidence
  • What your posture says about who you are

January / Kindness

  • Being kind to ourselves
  • Being kind to others
  • Finding joy in acts of kindness
  • How to handle when someone is unkind

February / Speaking Respectfully

  • Speaking respectfully to adults
  • Speaking respectfully to your peers
  • Speaking appropriately
  • Understanding the power of our words

March / Personal Growth

  • Healthy hygiene
  • Dressing appropriately
  • Acting appropriately
  • Being true to who you are

April / Body Image and Health

  • The benefits of healthy nutrition
  • Developing a healthy body image
  • How to build a healthy body
  • Embracing our beautiful bodies


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