The Young Ladies of Grace Policy Agreement

As a parent and student of The Young Ladies of Grace Performing Arts Academy I will abide by the following policy:


• Students must respect each other, parents and instructors at all times.

• Students must have a positive attitude and give 100% without complaint.

• Students are expected to build up classmates using kind and encouraging words.

• Grounds for termination include – Drug and/or alcohol abuse, inappropriate social media involvement, bullying and intentional disrespect towards another student, parent or instructor.

• Parents and students are encouraged to set up a meeting in person if a conflict or concern arises.

• A student will be asked to sit out during class if there is misbehavior. Parents will be notified.


• The Young Ladies of Grace reserves the right to accept or deny a prospective student at any time.

• It is at the discretion of The Young Ladies of Grace to move a student to a different class at any time throughout the semester. Parents will be notified.

• Classes and schedules may vary from semester to semester.

• The Young Ladies of Grace will not discuss student situations with anyone other than the involved student and parent.

• Absolutely no food is allowed in the studio or waiting room.

• No running or rough housing in the studio or waiting room.

• Students are expected to clean up after themselves in the waiting room, studio and bathroom.

• Parents are allowed in the studio when invited.

• All students must bring a water bottle to class. We will not supply water.

• The Young Ladies of Grace reserves the right to dismiss a student, at any time, at our discretion with a partial refund.


• Parents will be notified at least one hour before a class cancellation.

• Classes canceled due to weather or emergency situations will not be rescheduled or refunded.

• If a student is unable to attend a class, she may make-up the class in an existing class.

• If The Young Ladies of Grace cancels a class, they will reschedule a separate make-up class.

• We do not offer refunds or credits due to missed classes, this applies to both group and private classes.

• Group classes must have at least 5 students. If not, the class will be cancelled. 


• A yearly $30 registration/insurance fee per student or $50 per family is required at the time of enrollment.

• Tuition is to be paid at the beginning of each semester.

• A $25 late fee will be added to your account if tuition is not paid on time.

• Students with unpaid tuition will not be able to participate in class or in the recital.

• In the event of a serious illness or injury, the remaining unattended class tuition will promptly be refunded with written documentation from your doctor.

• Absolutely no refunds are given to students leaving during a semester.

• If you begin with one class and decide to switch to a different class, you may only do this during the first four weeks of class.


• A $30 recital fee per student is due at the beginning of the second session and will be refunded if the student is unable to attend the recital.

• The Young Ladies of Grace will choose appropriate recital costumes and music for the recital.

• Participating in the recital is optional. Those participating must demonstrate preparedness during class time.

• Recital tickets will need to be purchased by family and friends to attend the performance at the cost of $10 per guest. 

• Parents are responsible for the cost of costumes.

• Students missing 3 or more classes in Session 2 will not be able to participate in the recital. 

• Students must attend the dress rehearsal to participate in the recital.


The Young Ladies of Grace
Georgetown Square
5225 Sheridan Drive,
Williamsville NY