The Young Ladies of Grace
The Young Ladies of Grace Developing the heart, body and spirit of young ladies

Welcome to
Grace, Poise & Etiquette!
Ages 3-18

This class will be educational and fun! We will grow together while developing new social and personable skills that we can use at school, home or in a public situation. We will experience growth while setting big goals for ourselves learning ....

~ Posture and eye contact
~ Poised body language
~ Shaking hands and introducing yourself
~ Facial expressions and projecting kindness
~ Conversation skills with adults and people your own age
~ Sharing your thoughts in an organized manner
~ Listening, understanding and responding
~ Communicating with parents and siblings
~ Table manners and restaurant etiquette
~ Dealing with stressful situations and controlling your emotions
~ Behaving at someone else's home
~ Answering the phone and taking messages
~ Thank you notes and showing gratitude
~ Showing sympathy, compassion and consideration to others
~ Receiving a gift you do not like
~ Dealing with an adult who is making you feel uncomfortable
~ Dealing with people your age who are unkind
~ Vocal cadence, projection, tone and articulation
~ Expanding your vocabulary
~ Healthy hygiene and proper clothing for different occasions
~ Self-defense
~ Public speaking
~ Standing up for what we believe in
~ Being a good hostess




Welcome to Grace, Poise & Etiquette




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